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Water Distiller with capacity 4 Liter per hour

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Water Distiller with capacity 4 Liter/hour


chemical, pharmaceutical, food, textile sector in research and quality control laboratories, medical laboratories, hospitals and clinics are used to obtain pure water in the operating room.
Produced pure water does not contain metal ions, Turkish Pharmacopoeia 'suitable sin. M4 is boiling and condensation tubes side by side in the model and is still part of the cover to boiling cleaning. M4 model that allows the operation of the device according to the network control system has pressure switch and electrolyte levels. contact with the water and water vapor that all parts are made of stainless steel.
When in a lower level than normal water level in the boiler boiling heater switches off automatically. inlet water pressure in the device is monitored by the pressure gauge on the dashboard. It can be used on the laboratory bench if desired device can be hung on the wall.

Technical Specification: 

Specifications :


Distillation water capacity:4  Liter/ hour

Cooling water consumption (max.): 40 Liter/ hour

Cooling water output temperature : 50 °C

Heater type: Stainless steel tube resistance

Safety measure: Water level control with thermostat and electrode

Casing material:  Stainless steel

Interior material: Stainless steel

Connection materials: PVC and silicon hose

Fuse (automatic): 25 Amps.

Power rating: 3000 W

Monitoring influent pressure: With analog manometer

Power supply: AC 220 V – 50/60 Hz

Overall dimensions (w x h x d): 40 x 52 x 18 cm.

Net weight: 14 kg

Gross weight: 16 kg